31 October 2017
A sweet medicine: Buram Honey

A sweet medicine: Buram Honey

Healing properties of honey can be explained in a simple way by just saying, “Worker bees collecting honey from flowers bring medicine properties to honey”. With […]
27 October 2017
You don’t need coffee anymore to wake up in the morning. Try honey..!

You don’t need coffee anymore to wake up in the morning. Try honey..!

The cold weather started with autumn and the value of natural honey rose once again. Even Crystal Davis understands the value of water with honey, which […]
23 September 2017
A Miraculous Cure with Buram Honey and Carbonate Mixture

A Miraculous Cure with Buram Honey and Carbonate Mixture

Probably you have already heard and read many times that benefits of natural honey never end. If you want to find out how the natural and […]
15 September 2017

Burambal products as a source for your health

The bees are extremely important for the continuation of the human race. The benefit of bees to global economy, thanks to pollination of plants by bee, […]
23 August 2017

Cold Honey Drinks for Hot Summer Days

Beverage recipes with honey are always popular. Especially in the winter months, honey is added to almost every hot drink to create interesting flavors and these […]
14 August 2017

Types of honey and their benefits

As long as it is kept in a cool place where it is not exposed to water and any odor, honey is our most durable food […]
6 August 2017

A Recipe for Popcorn with Burambal Honey

We do not think that there is anybody who does not know how popcorn is delighted as a snack. Although popcorn is mostly consumed together with […]
6 August 2017
A delicious ‘crumpets in thick syrup’ with Burambal

A delicious ‘crumpets in thick syrup’ with Burambal!

Towards the end of cold weather, preparations for summer are began. During the summer days, dessert becomes the most consumed food. You cannot have enough of […]
6 August 2017

What are the Benefits of Honey?

What are the benefits of honey? Which honey is good for what? Which diseases honey is good for? Does honey increase virility? We recommend you to […]
6 August 2017

What is Honey?

A thick, golden liquid produced by industrious bees, honey is made using the nectar of flowering plants and is saved inside the beehive for eating during times of […]
6 August 2017

Cancer and Honey

“Is honey one of those anti-cancer foods? Can it cure cancer?” From time to time, I receive these questions from “Just Ask”. Our heart goes out […]
6 August 2017

A Recipe for a Melting in the Mouth Cookie with Burambal Honey

A legendary delicious smell spreads into the home while the cookies which have Burambal honey in their pastry are being cooked. Since we are a nation […]